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Thriving Beyond Crisis

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Projecting Cash Flow: Understanding Your

Financial Future

How do you know what your future financial position will be given the current pandemic? Understanding your cash flow and how long your current resources will last given your current operations is a good starting point. This is critically important when it comes to applying for the variety of loans and grants available as part of federal and state relief programs. 

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Strategic Restructuring: Collaborations & Partnerships to Ensure Sustainability

Is your organization:

  • Facing closure due to the current pandemic? 


  • Looking for ways to lower costs, improve operations or increase capacity?


  • Nearing the retirement of the Executive Director without solid strategic and succession plans that explored partnership options for leadership and organizational sustainability?

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Build Innovation Into Your Planning

This short, 30-minute workshop describes how you can build innovation into your strategic and operations planning by organizing the process differently. Based on concepts from the book How Stella Saved The Farm, participants will learn the reasons why innovation is so challenging, how to organize and support innovation teams as well as how to “fast track” new program and product development, while managing your current operations. 


Finding Your New Normal:

Aligning Your Team to Execute Quickly!

How do we get our team to do more, and quickly?  Understanding team roles and organizing for action is especially important during a crisis and as we struggle to find our “new normal.”  This short, 30-minute workshop offers insight into our individual personality preferences and the roles we tend to take our teams that may or may not be effective, given our current circumstances. Aligning team members to perform the roles that are needed today and in the future improves efficiency, effectiveness and produces better results.  

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