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Projecting Cash Flow:

Understanding Your Financial Future

How do you know what your future financial position will be given the current pandemic? Understanding your cash flow and how long your current resources will last given your current operations is a good starting point. This is critically important when it comes to applying for the variety of loans and grants available as part of federal and state relief programs. Deb Thompson and John Papalia from Strategy Solutions describe how to complete a basic cash flow analysis, if you don’t currently project cash flow as part of your financial management. 


The webinar explains how to complete the tool and highlight implications of the projection. An EXCEL template and instructions are available through our website at this link Cash Flow Projection Template and Cash Flow Instructions. Please have your prior year’s actual financial results and your current year’s budget available as they will be discussed during the webinar. It is recommended that you download and review the instructions and template beforehand so that you are familiar with the concepts before the session. 

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