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  • Hospitals and health systems 

  • Post-acute and community-based health services across the continuum of care including home health, home care, and behavioral health

  • Long-term care and aging services providers

  • Coalitions and collaborative groups  

  • Trade associations and networks 

Healthcare leaders are fiercely committed to their organization’s missions and those they serve.  They have high expectations for their own personal performance and even higher expectations for their organizations’ ability to improve the health of the people and communities they serve.   


Faced with many competing priorities, healthcare professionals seek ways to strengthen their management, governance, and operations – and take performance to the next level – all the while adapting to industry changes. Strategy Solutions helps you understand market needs and determine how to achieve sustainability for your organization. 


Whether you need assistance on one project, or longer-term support for strategy implementation, we will help you make the most of your resources and capabilities. We have a wealth of experience working with organizations across the country, throughout the entire continuum of care.

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Our Services.

Professional Development

& Coaching

We all want to be better leaders, but sometimes struggle to apply the concepts we learned from a leadership or management course to the challenges we face in our jobs.  Or we want to accomplish a project or learn more about how to follow management best practices and need someone to help hold us “accountable” to the goal or deadline.  You can meet with one of our consultants for a single hour to talk through a “stuck place” or contract for a 6- or 12-month package to help you learn a new skill or accomplish an outcome. 

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