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  • Community-based nonprofit organizations

  • Faith-based nonprofit organizations and sponsored ministries

  • Private, Community and Health foundations

  • Coalitions and collaborative groups

  • Trade associations and networks

  • Municipal boards, commissions and authorities


Nonprofit leaders are fiercely committed to their organizations’ mission and those they serve. They have high expectations for their own personal performance and even higher expectations for their organization’s ability to make an impact. Faced with many competing priorities, nonprofit professionals seek ways to strengthen their organizations’ management, governance, and operations. 

Nonprofit professionals can set their organizations apart by embracing the Standards for Excellence:® An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector. As trainers, consultants, and peer reviewers for The Standards, Strategy Solutions helps clients apply best practices in nonprofit governance and management, so they can work toward greater efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability.

Whether you need assistance on a project or with developing your long-term strategy and monitoring implementation, we help you make the most of your resources and capabilities.

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Strategic and Business Planning

Strategic planning helps an organization define its vision and direction as well as pursues strategies that will achieve that vision. OUR UNIQUE APPROACH HELPS YOU:

  • Evaluate past performance to determine “stuck places”
  • Review operations to ensure efficiency and effectiveness
  • Complete a functional analysis to restructure operations when needed
  • Compare current operations to product, market, and organizational trends
  • Explore strategic restructuring, including alliances, mergers, and acquisitions to ensure sustainability
  • Integrate culture change based on core values when needed
  • Identify strategic investment budgets and fundraising needs
  • Achieve enterprise transformation when needed
  • Engage stakeholders through research and analysis to identify needs and help inform the plan
  • Identify organizational and funding strategies to achieve the vision and goals
  • Analyze demand and complete financial forecasts
  • Facilitate talent management, succession planning or CEO evaluation to ensure systems are in place to implement the plan
  • Align board committees to support plan implementation

Board Governance and Restructuring Support

When an organization practices good governance with full disclosure, the public will feel that the company can be trusted, ultimately helping the reputation to grow. For-profits, nonprofit corporations, and boards supported by another organization or entity should all take steps to increase the quality of their governance systems to improve outcomes. WE OFFER:

  • Board retreat facilitation
  • Board and staff training
  • Learning and applying best practices
  • Board effectiveness assessment/restructuring support
  • Annual legal and operational “check-up” in collaboration with our attorney partner(s)
  • Best Practices based on the Standards for Excellence:® An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector

Fundraising and Resource Development

To build your organization’s resource development capacity, our expert fundraising team couples customized training with consulting and coaching to achieve your fundraising goals. WE OFFER:

  • Development department performance audits
  • Training and coaching for staff, leaders, board members, and volunteers
  • Annual and long-term fund development planning
  • Annual appeals and major gifts campaigns
  • Grant research and grant writing
  • Outsourced development and fundraising services

Policy Research, Development and Advocacy

Whether you are facing an immediate concern or want to develop your ability to effect long-term change, we can help you design and manage a policy plan and implementation strategy that gets results. OUR SERVICES INCLUDE:

  • Long-term policy planning
  • Regulatory research and planning support
  • Coalition management
  • Legal review in collaboration with our attorney partner(s)

Program Development and Implementation Support

Effective and efficient programs that achieve outcomes and impact are the hallmark of successful nonprofits. Strategy Solutions provides consulting, training and coaching to enhance your capacity to meet your mission. WE OFFER:

  • Needs assessment and feasibility analysis
  • Logic model development
  • Outcomes measurement tools and methods
  • Strategies to develop and automate reporting systems
  • Case for support development to attract funding
  • Program evaluation

Talent Management Services

Strategy Solutions can help you develop systems to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive and engaged employees. The goal of talent management is to create a high-performance, sustainable organization/workforce that meets its strategic goals and objectives. WE PROVIDE:

  • Workforce Planning
  • Recruiting/Selection
  • Onboarding/Orientation
  • Performance Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Career Pathways
  • Recognition Programs
  • Compensation Studies
  • Succession Planning

Product Development, Product/Market Positioning and Sales Strategy Support

“If we build it, they will come” no longer works in today’s environment. Understanding target market needs and determining how you communicate your offerings to your target markets directly impacts revenue growth. WE OFFER:

  • “Get Sales” product/market positioning interviews help you position and market your product(s) in key markets
  • “Get Sales” product/market positioning surveys help you position and market your product in key markets and generate prospects for new business
  • Consumer and image assessment studies to determine market and image share
  • Market and feasibility studies
  • Demand and revenue forecasting based on target market and market share analysis
  • New products and/or features concept testing through focus groups and interviews
  • Training and coaching support to “fast track” new product/program development

Public and Stakeholder Engagement

We can provide you with comprehensive research, engagement, measurement, and change management you need to envision and achieve your goals. Our public and stakeholder engagement services help support strategic initiatives or planning efforts. We are ECMS certified in Pennsylvania and WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) in Pennsylvania and several other states. OUR SERVICES INCLUDE:

  • Key person interviews
  • Focus groups/stakeholder forums including OptionFinder® audience response technology
  • Virtual focus groups
  • Online surveys
  • Telephone interviews and surveys
  • Site development market and economic impact studies
  • Strategic and business planning including early intervention plans for municipalities

Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise Transformation examines all aspects of your business and redesigns the organization to improve efficiency and effectiveness. There are three aspects to Enterprise Transformation:

  • People: Enterprise Transformation starts with a thorough assessment your people, their roles and teamwork. Leadership buy-in and coaching drive improvement. Functional analysis looks at the overall structure, clarifies roles and empowers employees to ensure all organization functions are in place and work well. Talent management systems support employee retention and growth.
  • Process: While we’re assessing your people resources, we’re also taking a hard look at your current processes. We’ll challenge all assumptions. We’ll make recommendations for process improvements and establish new strategic functions where gaps exist. Once the right people are in the right place, doing the right work, we need to make sure it all stays in place when we’re done.
  • Practices: Enterprise Transformation challenges you to move outside your comfort zone. There will be a natural inclination to go back to the old way of doing things. That’s why during this phase, we’ll work with your team to master and maintain practices that are consistent with your new focus and culture. This step helps ensure that you have the tools to continue to improve and grow after our engagement is over.
Enterprise Transformation Sales Sheet

Our Services.

“Strategy Solutions was instrumental in the recent success and growth of the expERIEnce Children’s Museum. Debbie and her team led the museum to create a Community Assessment Survey and to develop the first strategic plan in the museum’s history. We would not be where we are today as an organization without the help of Strategy Solutions!”



Ainslie Brosig, Executive Director

ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum | Erie, Pa.

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