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Workforce Development

We Serve.

  • Workforce development boards: local, regional, state-wide

  • Industry and sector partnerships

  • Trade associations

  • State agencies and policymakers

Workforce development is an interconnected set of public and private sector training and support solutions to meet employment needs. Workforce development strategies typically plan for and prepare workers with the skills necessary for specific types of jobs within targeted industry sectors in defined geographic areas, addressing the hiring and performance demands of employers.

Workforce development can also include changes to company culture, attitudes, and systems help to positively influence future employee recruitment and retention success.

Strategy Solutions supports clients at the local, regional, state, and national level by offering a diverse array of research, data analysis, planning, program development, and evaluation services to meet individual needs.

Our projects and clients have been recognized as best practices by American Society of Training and Development, the International Association of Facilitators, the International Economic Development Council, and the PA and MD Workforce Development Associations.

Strategy Solutions is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise in Pennsylvania and several other states.

For more information, call us at (814) 480-8000 or send us an email.

Our Services.

One on One

Consulting Sessions

We are here to help you.  You don’t need to contract for a project to have access to our team of consultants and subject matter experts. We offer FREE 30-minute consultations on any subject, and frequently will provide answers to questions or connect you with resources that will meet your needs. If additional support is needed, we can assist for a few hours or a short-term engagement. 

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