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Best Practices in Board Performance

Creating a high-performing board is a crucial goal for any organization. To achieve this, one key strategy is to establish an effective Governance Committee. This committee plays a vital role in ensuring strong board performance. In this short video, we delve into the job description of a Governance Committee and explore how it contributes to the overall success of the board. Stay tuned to discover the essential elements of a high-performing board and the importance of a dedicated Governance Committee.

Engaging The Board as a Catalyst for Change

When it comes to running a successful nonprofit organization, having a well-organized board committee structure is crucial. These committees serve as the backbone through which the organization can effectively advance its mission. However, it is surprising how many organizations lack an effective committee structure in place. In this short video, we will explore the importance of aligning your board behind your strategic plan and how creating an "agenda of work" for each board committee can help you achieve your goals.

Best Practices in Board Recruitment

In this video, we will explore the topic of board recruitment and best practices that can help organizations ensure the appropriate board composition. We will delve into the concept of board diversity and its importance, as well as discuss how to identify the skill sets needed to support your organization. Additionally, we will provide strategies to help you connect with board candidates who will meet your specific needs. So if you're looking to enhance your understanding of board recruitment, video is for you. Stay tuned for valuable insights and tips!

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