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Strategy Solutions, Inc. in collaboration with the Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry and United Fund of Warren County, is conducting a series of SHORT (30 minute) webinars on topics of interest to help your organization get through this crisis.  Through our FREE webinars Strategy Solutions will provide education, guidance and consultative support to assist your organization in addressing several key questions and challenges that we know you currently face. 

We're Shut Down, Now What?

Tuesday, May, 5th @ 10:00 am

HOST: Jacqui Catrabone, MA Director, Nonprofit & Community Services

We get it, this is not what any leader expected they would be faced with. In these challenging times we are being called to lead our organizations into uncharted territory. Let’s be honest, there is no roadmap for what your organization is going through and even the best laid plans didn’t plan for this.

This short (30 minute) webinar will provide you the opportunity to step back and reflect on where you are being called to lead your organization. Through self-reflection and a strong support system you will recognize opportunity to refocus and re-energy your organization to continue to meet the needs of your customers while advancing your organization.

Accept this challenge and turn it into the greatest opportunity for your organization.

Cash Now: Fundraising Strategies During Crisis

Thursday, May, 7th @ 10:00 am

HOST: Margie Taylor, CFRE, Senior Consultant

In these unprecedented times, the importance of cash to continue your operations to serve your clients is unparalleled. We compiled a checklist for you to consider that includes such steps as re-purposing gifts (with donor approval), identifying ways to maintain donor gifts and securing much needed cash now or in the near future.

We’ve worked through crises like 9/11, the 2007/09 recession and scandals. Donors will continue to give to the causes they support. You need to be by their side on behalf of your clients.

Going Virtual: Strategies for Program Sustainability

Tuesday, May 12th @ 10:00 am

HOST: Debra Thompson, President & CEO, MBA & Erika Berlin

This short (30 minute) webinar provides a framework to help you think through how to transition your programs and services to a virtual model. Participants will learn about how to think through program goals, outcomes and delivery in alternative settings as well as how to utilize technology to support program delivery. Making a case for support for new program models is also discussed.

Finding Our New Normal: Updating Your Strategic and Operating Plans

Thursday, May 14th @ 10:00 am

HOSTS: Debra Thompson, MBA &  Jacqui Catrabone, MA

This short (30 minute) webinar walks through the key strategic questions that should be asked and answered by every organization as we move through the Co-Vid 19 crisis of 2020. With this new reality, many of our current strategic and operating plans are no longer relevant – and we must think through what it will take to adapt and be sustainable. This strategic review of our mission, vision and goals offers the opportunity to re-think collaboration and partnerships as well as other strategies as pathways to sustainability.

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