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COVID-19 Resources


Hospital Community Health Leadership Post COVID-19: Capitalize on Positive Momentum Amidst Crisis 

Wednesday, June 10 at 11:00 am EST

Presenters: Debra Thompson, MBA, President & Founder, Strategy Solutions

               Robert Gillio, MD, The Force for Health™ Project Founder; Co-founder and Chief Medical                              Officer, My Healthy Globe, Inc.


While it may be difficult to think beyond the immediate crisis, this informative 60-minute webinar offers health system and public health leaders an opportunity to explore key strategic questions as we seek to find a “new normal” including:

  • How do community hospitals survive financially given the devastating financial losses to serve another day?

  • How can hospitals address the social determinants of health in a manner that achieves a financial return on investment? 

  • How do we address the poverty pandemic and the undertreatment pandemic in our communities as well as the disease pandemic that caused them? 

  • How do we deal with infectious disease as a chronic condition? 

  • How can communities leverage health literacy to  prevent further pandemics and mobilize resources if necessary, in the in the event of future disasters? 


Strategies will be discussed that improve population health and generate revenue as well as methods to capitalize on and sustain the positive momentum created in many communities through the recent crisis. 

The Force for Health: A Workable Solution for Community Engagement and Crisis Management

Wednesday June 17 at 11:00 am EST 

Presenters: Lucy Howell, CEO, My Healthy Globe, Inc

               Robert Gillio, MD, The Force for Health™ Project Founder; Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer,                          My Healthy Globe, Inc.


Would it be helpful for your community if you had an affordable system that could:

  1. gather information, engage citizens and track individual and program data?

  2. organize potential donations, and create a virtual stockpile of food, medical or protective equipment?

  3. establish a team of health literate volunteers and/or community health workers can promote healthy lifestyles and save valuable time in an emergency situation?

  4. disseminate information and engage individuals to mobilize for action?

  5. offer educational tools through a virtual learning management system that individuals can access on their smart phones?

  6. augment your wellness activities and health education with images and locations to trigger healthier choices, resources, learning,  or behaviors throughout the community?

The Force For Health ( and its companion Force for Health Go App offer robust tools to support your community health improvement and crisis mobilization efforts.  This informative, 60 minute webinar offers a demonstration of the various tools and how they can benefit your local community as well as information about how to get started organizing for action! 

*The Force for Health™ is a brand that is produced, owned and distributed by My Healthy Globe, Inc.

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