Project Management

Organizations sometimes struggle to get new projects or programs started. Our team at Strategy Solutions can provide you with a professional project manager or facilitator when your company or organization needs to start a new project or initiative when you don’t have the skills or internal capacity to do the job.

Strategy Solutions can help you:

  • Conduct an assessment of the project and the need.

  • Recommend a project management approach (tasks, timelines and responsibilities) to get the project completed by a certain date

  • Identify internal staff capacity, uncover development needs and actively support projects to keep costs down and get the job done.

  • Get the program started.

  • Determine the skill sets required to support the ongoing work.

  • Help you assess your internal capacity to sustain the effort.

  • Train your internal staff or help you recruit and train new staff to sustain the project.

Our staff and consultants can help you manage a variety of projects – from achieving a desired outcome in a single stakeholder meeting to actively managing the long-term implementation of an important objective on your strategic plan. Strategy Solutions adapts to fit your needs whether you need an overall project manager, help coordinating with your internal staff, or help you do the job completely on our own.

Let Strategy Solutions help you with your next project.