Program Development & Grant Writing

In an environment where funding opportunities are steadily decreasing and client needs rising, many organizations are ill-equipped to meet the complex demands of successful grant writing.

Fund development and grant writing professionals understand that in order to procure grants, an organization must clearly articulate its “story” to potential funding or granting agencies – including mission, goals, objectives and outcomes. The grant application must successfully outline a well thought out “program” that will be implemented if the funding is received.

Successful program development and grant writing includes:

  • Identifying specific objectives and outcomes for new program development or enhancement.

  • Outlining how the new program will be delivered.

  • Identifying the human and operating resources required to fund the program.

  • How outcomes will be measured.

  • How the program will be sustained beyond the immediate grant funding.

The professionals at Strategy Solutions are highly experienced in analyzing organization's financial/funding needs, identifying potential funding sources, and preparing grant proposals. We can help initiate new program development strategies that produce strong results. The program outline and business planning can be easily turned into a grant application to seek funding.

Often, clients also find our feasibility studies effective in estimating the market potential and viability of a new service or program -- making an effective case for funding support.

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