Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is a tool your organization can use to ensure programs you offer truly serve the mission of your organization and achieve maximum impact and outcomes. Program evaluation can alert you to areas that require improvement before they become a challenge. It can also help you determine how best to allocate resources. Program evaluation can take a number of forms and requires systems to collect and analyze data in order to draw conclusions.

Strategy Solutions can assist your organization in order to:

  • Develop and implement systems to collect quantitative and qualitative information related to client needs, referral sources, and services provided.

  • Develop and implement systems to collect and report on client and stakeholder satisfaction and/or outcomes.

  • Collect information related to client and stakeholder satisfaction.

  • Facilitate an external evaluation for your organization's program(s) when required by funding agencies.

  • Provide staff and leadership training on how to implement and sustain program evaluation systems.

In today’s world, funders and donors are increasingly interested in transparency and accountability. Program evaluation is a mechanism for external audiences to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of programs. Program evaluation methods include reviewing data and statistics, conducting individual interviews, focus groups and surveys. The information can be used to identify gaps and areas for improvement -- a valuable tool for program improvement.

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