Market Analysis

Do you want to grow your business, launch a new product or service or position your current products and services with new customers? A thorough Market Analysis will help you quantify the size of the market potential for your business and develop the market positioning strategy that you can use to successfully grow your business and reach new heights.

A few forms of market analysis that Strategy Solutions offer includes:

  • Secondary Research – identifying and analyzing demographic, psychographic or buying trend information that describes the target market segment(s).

  • Qualitative Primary Researchconducting in-depth interviews and/or focus groups to determine wants, needs, importance of various factors in purchase decision making and strategies to market products and services.

  • Quantitative Primary Researchconducting surveys that are statistically representative of a population or group (gathered through telephone, internet and/or paper surveys).

Understanding your various customers is the ultimate goal of market analysis. Strategy Solutions will custom design a specific market analysis approach to meet your needs. By working with our experienced team, we will help you determine the best possible market analysis strategy that fits your organizations needs.


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