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COVID-19 Resources


With the impact COVID-19 is having on our communities, it is important to stay informed about what resources are available for small businesses. Below we’ve compiled tools, loans and relief services available. This will continue to be updated, check back for new resources.


National Funding & Relief Programs


Small Business Administration’s Disaster Assistance
The SBA provides low-interest loans to help small business owners and a directory for local assistance. Learn more and apply for a loan. Mentoring and Business Support
Find mentors and support navigating the crisis.


National Banks Offering Relief
A list from of the banks offering relief services to small businesses.


Kiva Loan Program
Kiva has expanded eligibility requirements for small business loans.


Facebook $100M Commitment to Small Businesses
Applications open soon – sign up to receive updates.


James Beard Foundation Relief Fund
Relief fund for the food and beverage industry. Applications are open until April 3, 2020 at 3PM ET.


Jewish Free Loan Society
No interest loans for those whose income, childcare or business have been impacted by COVID-19.


Restaurant & Restaurant Workers Relief
Funding, financial assistance, unemployment, and health care resources.


Work Share Program
Temporarily reduce the hours your employees work while still retaining them during challenging economic times.


Bumble Small Business Grants
Small businesses can apply for up to $5,000.


Articles & Advice


Tech Stars – Advice from Our Network
A series of videos, AMAs and more for navigating COVID-19.


7 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Loan Application
Keep these important tips in mind when applying for relief funds.


Coronavirus Response Toolkit of Businesses
A guide for keeping your teams and customers safe!


Harvard Business Review – Leading Your Business Through COVID-19
A guide for leaders to navigate COVID-19 and keeping your business on track.


Facebook’s Business Resource Hub
Access a business resiliency toolkit, tips for emergency response plans, and how to connect with your customers during challenging times.


Small Business Administration’s Guide for Businesses
The latest tips on operating your small business during COVID-19. 


Chamber of Commerce’s 8 Things Business Can Do
From remote work plans to online sales strategies, here are 8 things businesses can do.


Inc. Magazine’s Overview of Remote Workplace Tools
Tech companies are offering free remote working tools – here is a roundup of them all.


Stanford GSB’s Guide to Working from Home
Experts discuss effective social distancing, virtual presentations and preventing conflict while remote.


Harvard Business Review’s Tips for Reducing Stress During Video Conferencing

And other great advice for managing your team remotely!


Quartz Work from Home Workshops
A series of sessions designed to help you work from home healthily and effectively.


Mental Health America
Resources for reducing stress, anxiety and maintaining mental health during the crisis.


Gusto’s Resource Hub
Features articles, news and information to navigate these challenging times.


Google for Small Business
How to manage your online profile with temporary closures and status updates.



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