Transform Vision into Action

Many organizations develop vision statements and strategic plans then the plan sits on the shelf; the vision does not lead to action. If your organization has a vision or goals but is struggling with identifying the “program of work” to translate that vision into action, Strategy Solutions can help.

Our action planning process engages board and staff members to:

  • Identify the human, capital and operating resources required to transform the vision into action.

  • Develop a strategic investment budget and funding strategies to ensure adequate resources. 

  • Analyze the current processes and structure to ensure that there is organizational capacity to implement the plan.

  • Outline specific action steps, time frames and accountabilities.

  • Establish a review process to evaluate progress on a quarterly basis and adjust action plans as necessary to ensure successful implementation.

The team of professional facilitators at Strategy Solutions will custom design an action planning process to meet your needs and goals.

Connect your vision to results, contact Strategy Solutions.