Systems Analysis & Redesign

Successful organizations operate in an effective and efficient management structure. Their staff is well organized, motivated and highly skilled. The lack of appropriate management systems and structure often limits growth in an organization and can hurt morale. Systems analysis and redesign is sometimes required in order to effectively transform vision into action.

Systems analysis & redesign services we offer include:

  • Reviewing the work process flow of each operational area (product manufacturing and/or service delivery).

  • Evaluating the operating structure, scope of control, culture, management systems and decision making systems and processes.

  • Analyzing the effectiveness of the support services including marketing, HR, IT, finance and other support functions.

  • Technology assessment including computer systems/network, telephone, communications, electronic recordkeeping.

  • Facility assessment and needs.

  • Outlining recommendations to improve the structure and functioning of the organization and a specific action plan to guide implementation.

If desired, our team of experienced consultants and facilitators can also help support the action plan through management coaching.

Help your organization grow through internal capacity building.