Social Enterprises

Social enterprises are mission driven organizations that apply market-driven business growth strategies to achieve a social purpose. Their aim is to accomplish a “double bottom line,” making both an impact on the mission as well as the financial outcomes of the organization.

Social enterprises can vary greatly, depending on the interests and market opportunities available to a nonprofit. They are most easily created when a nonprofit has organizational capacity and marketable assets that can be leveraged with a market opportunity.

There are a number of social enterprise options:

 Social Enterprise - Strategy Solutions

Many non-profit organizations see social enterprise as a way to reduce their dependence on charitable donations and grants while others view the social enterprise itself as the vehicle for social change. Whether your organization is structured as a nonprofit or a for-profit, social enterprises are launched by social entrepreneurs who want to improve the common good and solve a social problem in a new and effective way than traditional approaches.

Strategy Solutions can help you evaluate your social enterprise alternatives, conduct feasibility studies and business plans to support your social enterprise or train your staff to complete these activities to support your current or future social enterprise efforts.

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