Grow Your Business

Sell more to current customers; discover new customers in new markets or conduct a feasibility study for a new product or market. Our unique approach to product/market positioning research can help you grow your business if:

  • Sales are declining in one or more markets with one or more products.
  • There is no dedicated sales force or the sales force doesn’t have an established process for generating and qualifying leads.
  • There is a new product/service line in development or a desire to expand current products/ services into new markets.
  • Your sales force has been knocking on doors in new markets without success.

Strategy Solutions will help grow your business by:

  • Identifying the profile of a “perfect customer” for your company based on your experience with current customers. Through in-depth interviews, we will identify the decision making criteria and experiences that create company loyalty.

  • Conduct in-depth interviews with past customer to understand why they no longer do business with the company.

  • Identify the characteristics of new target market customers. Through in-depth interviews, we will identify decision making criteria and determine interest in proposed products and services and strategies to position products with these potential customers.

  • Utilize the input from the interviews to develop a product/market positioning, marketing and sales strategy to appropriately target and communicate with potential customers.

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