Collaboration & Strategic Alliances

Collaborations and strategic alliances offer ways to lower costs and create efficiencies. Alliances can range from informal partnerships (such as endorsements of another organization’s programs) to formal coalitions (such as joint ventures, mergers or consolidations.)

In today’s economic climate, many organizations are taking a fresh look at collaboration. With fewer resources and the need to increase efficiencies, Strategy Solutions can help you assess the benefits and risks of various forms of collaboration.

Motives to enter a collaboration or alliance include:

  • Market seeking
  • Acquiring means of distribution
  • Gaining access to new technologies
  • Learning new organizational skills
  • Obtaining economies of scale
  • Achieving vertical integration and/or access to supply chains
  • Diversifying into new businesses
  • Restructuring
  • Improving performance
  • Cost sharing, pooling of resources, 
  • Risk reduction and diversification
  • Achieving competitive advantage
  • Complementary of goods and services to markets
  • Co-specialization and following industry trends

Before deciding if any type of collaboration or alliance is in your future, there must be a clear vision for the future and an understanding of the role of a partnership or alliance can offer in accomplishing the vision as well as identifying the criteria for a successful partnership. Strategy Solutions can help you explore how collaborations and partnerships could work for you.

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