Retreat/Meeting Facilitation

Facilitation is a process “to make easy” – often utilized in the group decision making process. The experienced facilitators at Strategy Solutions can help you plan, design and run effective meetings. Our professionals use a combination of approaches — consensus building, exploration of strengths and weaknesses, and team-building exercises — to ensure that your organization's meetings are productive and efficient.

Meeting facilitation can be used for:

Using OptionFinder, a wireless audience electronic polling system to collect and tabulate group input, offers a number of benefits:

  • Anonymity

  • Complete participation 

  • Speed 

  • Democracy of input 

  • Public display of everyone’s opinion

This technology allows us to combine meeting results from different groups in order to gain a complete picture of a variety of opinions (even if everyone can’t attend the same meeting.) The OptionFinder allows a diverse group of people to know and understand others’ opinions and to have a skilled facilitator guide a group to consensus.

Strategy Solutions also provides facilitation training for organizations who are interested in building their internal capacity to facilitate effective meetings.

Facilitate effective meetings and retreats for your employees.