Desk Manual Development

A “desk manual” is a document that should be developed for every position in your organization, especially those where multiple people do the same job with specific expectations, or there is only one employee with specific content knowledge.

Desk manuals include information and step-by-step processes that a particular staff member uses to get their specific job done. A properly written desk manual can serve as a virtual back-up employee, in the event someone on your team becomes ill or leaves the organization. It's your best insurance against the loss of valuable institutional knowledge. 

Desk manuals can assist you with any of the following:

  • Train your staff to develop their own desk manuals.

  • Be an “accountability helper” to ensure that desk manuals are completed by a specific deadline.

  • Complete a position analysis worksheet identifying all of the major functions associated with a position (that would then allow the staff members to document specific tasks).

  • Create the entire manual including documenting major functions, tasks and information related to performing the role

Desk manuals are also great training tools when you are orienting a new team member. They give the new staff person an easy tool to reference as they learn the requirements associated with a job and cut your training time significantly. 

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East Tennessee Mutual Insurance Company
Strategy Solutions designed desk manuals for the employees of ETMIC as a part of their succession planning process.