Capital Budget Prioritization

Communities and governments are sometimes challenged to identify their priorities based on objective criteria and reflecting public involvement.

Strategy Solutions can assist communities and governments to:

  • Rate and rank community projects based on up to 10 objective criteria.

  • Weigh the criteria.

  • Offer the opportunity for public involvement in the process.

  • Allow for immediate feedback through the public involvement process.

  • Combine results from different meetings and stakeholder groups and analyze results by demographic variables.

Using the OptionFinder audience response polling system, Strategy Solutions can bring together community leaders and assist your community to rate and rank its various priorities in real time.

Your community can:

  • Prioritize its state capital budget requests.

  • Identify and rank order community priorities for local intervention and investment.

  • Conduct tradeoff analysis with various projects in order to identify the most important priorities.

  • Prioritize departmental budget requests.

Strategy Solutions' capital budget prioritization retreat is an effective way to assess your priorities and get started on an effective action plan.

Prioritize your budget with the help of Strategy Solutions.