Board Training & Development

Strategy Solutions offers training and technical assistance to support board development. We facilitate board assessments that quickly generate a clear "performance picture" for board members, as well as identify action steps to increase effectiveness. Governance excellence is essential for a sustainable organization.

Effective board governance includes:

  • Using nonprofit standards and best practices as a guide for board and organizational performance.

  • Clarity of purpose – a strong understanding of the organization’s mission and job descriptions for individual board members and committees.

  • A strategic “agenda of work” that specifically supports strategic plan implementation and ensures board oversight and not micromanagement.

  • A nominating process that identifies, recruits, orients and supports board members.

  • Annual performance assessments to ensure individual and collective board performance.

The nonprofit and public sectors are under increased scrutiny to produce tangible outcomes with greater transparency. Ensuring that your council, board or authority understands and follows best practices in board governance is essential to the success of your future.

Using the OptionFinder, an audience response polling technology, board members vote and express opinions anonymously. This type of non-threatening environment makes honest, in-depth dialogue possible and helps boards move to higher performance levels.

Our specialized team at Strategy Solutions will also help you initiate, develop or improve any board governance function such as conducting the board or CEO evaluation, developing board policies, an orientation manual, board recruitment or restructuring or training the Executive Director/management team to provide appropriate staff support for the board. 

Train your board for success, contact Strategy Solutions.



Penn-Northwest Development Corporation
Strategy Solutions helped Penn Northwest Development Corporation with transformational change.
Tennessee Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
Strategy Solutions facilitated training sessions for board governance, succession planning and desk manual implementation.
South Hills Interfaith Ministries
Strategy Solutions helped South Hills Interfaith Ministries with developing a strategic planning process.