Performance Measurement

Performance Measurement enables organizations to demonstrate that they are achieving the desired result. A successful performance measurement process effectively uses information to manage and improve products and services as well as monitor the organization’s overall performance.

Performance measures let us know:

  • How well we are doing 
  • If we are meeting our goals
  • If our customers and stakeholders are satisfied 
  • If our processes are in statistical control 
  • If and where improvements are necessary

Key performance indicators typically measure:

  • Effectiveness: Are we doing the right things?
  • Efficiency: Are we doing things right and at the least cost?
  • Quality: Are we meeting customer requirements and expectations?
  • Timeliness: Is work done correctly and on time? 
  • Productivity: Is the value added more than the value consumed? 
  • Safety: Is the overall health of the organization and the working environment safe?

Our team at Strategy Solutions can help you identify the key performance indicators for your organization, develop data collection tools and systems as well as teach your organization's staff how to implement them.

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