The vision of the future is aptly described as the “desired future state” of an organization. Visioning exercises include convening groups, brainstorming and identifying elements of the desired future state of the organization.

Our team at Strategy Solutions works with clients not only to envision “what comes next,” but to explore the true strategic question: “what comes after what comes next?" Additionally, when we facilitate a visioning process, we work with clients to “operationalize” their vision by creating a “strategic profile” for the future.

This "strategic profile" includes:

  • Affirming the driving force - MISSION
  • Articulating the business concept - “What business are we in?”
  • Identifying a competitive strategy - “How are we different from everyone else?”
  • Future product scope
  • Future market scope
  • Future client scope
  • Size/growth guidelines
  • Return/profit guidelines
  • Timeframes

This approach makes the vision tangible and concrete so that a more specific and effective plan to accomplish the vision can be created. Strategy Solutions will custom design a visioning process to meet your needs.

Transform your vision into action to ensure future growth.