A survey is a research method designed to quantify the characteristics and opinions of a population. Surveys can be conducted via telephone, paper, the Internet or using mixed methods. With tools like Survey Monkey readily available, many people don’t realize that there is a “science” to designing and implementing an effective survey that provides information that is valid, reliable and representative of the target population.

Strategy Solutions can create surveys in order to help:

  • Articulate the objectives and expected outcomes of your survey.

  • Develop questions that will gather the desired information.

  • Design the sample sizes and data collection methods.

  • Analyze the data in order to identify statistically significant differences based on different characteristics.

  • Draw conclusions for decision making.

By working with the team at Strategy Solutions, we will custom design surveys that can obtain useful information about your target population. We will also train your staff to conduct and analyze surveys if you are interested in building internal capacity.

Contact Strategy Solutions to custom design surveys just for you.