Standards for Excellence Self-Assessment

  1. Standards for Excellence Self-Assessment - Strategy SolutionsDoes your organization want to move to the “next level” of effectiveness?

  2. Would you like to incorporate the latest “best practices” in nonprofit leadership and management but aren’t sure how and could use some support? 

  3. Would you like to have the potential of raising more money because donors and funders are confident about the quality of your programs and you have evidence to prove it?

  4. Are you feeling like there is something “more” you could do to promote excellence in your organization?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, the Standards for Excellence Ethics and Accountability for the Nonprofit Sector ® provides the framework to help you get started. Strategy Solutions has specialized team members that are licensed trainers, consultants and peer reviewers for the Standards.

They can help you conduct a self-assessment to determine how well your organization already meets the Standards , where any gaps might be between the Standards and your current practice, and help you develop an action plan to meet the Standards if desired. We also provide technical assistance, training and support to achieve accreditation if your organization is interested in pursuing it.

Grow your organization by building your internal capacity.