Stakeholder Interviews

In-depth stakeholder interviews are interactive in nature and allow exploration of the thoughts, feelings and perceptions of a selected individual. Often conducted with other research methods as part of a needs assessment or market study, individual interviews can also be an effective method for gathering input and planting seeds for new ideas when used alone.

Strategy Solutions uses stakeholder interviews in order to:

  • Provide additional information to participants about a project or initiative 

  • Give participants the opportunity to explain attitudes and opinions 

  • Concept test and react to new product service or enhancement ideas 

  • Explore interesting topics and ideas that arise during the discussion 

  • Identify and analyze themes that arise

The experienced team at Strategy Solutions will custom design interviews that meet your needs. We will also train your staff to conduct and analyze interviews if you are interested in building internal capacity. Strategy Solutions has extensive experience in helping clients access beneficial information about groups and individuals using a variety of research methods such as stakeholder interviews.

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