Public Engagement

Public engagement (sometimes referred to as Public Involvement) is a term that is used to describe the process of stakeholder and citizen participation in public sector planning and infrastructure projects. As a certified woman-owned disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE), Strategy Solutions provides unique and effective public engagement approaches that municipalities, government agencies, prime contractors and engineering firms can benefit from.

Strategy Solutions has multiple public engagement techniques including:

  • Using the OptionFinder audience response polling system to provide focus group and stakeholder forum participants the opportunity to anonymously provide their input on key questions and to rate/rank priorities 

  • Conducting in-depth interviews with citizens and stakeholders either in-person or by phone

  • Facilitating public meetings and forums with established groups or individuals who are specifically recruited to participate in discussion around a particular topic in order to increase public engagement

  • Internet, telephone and/or paper surveys that offer the opportunity to quantify attitudes and opinions 

  • Intercept surveys, while people are in the process of using municipal services, such as riding a public bus.

Strategy Solutions will custom design an effective public engagement process to meet your needs. By working with our team, we can help get your organization's stakeholders get more involved by integrating various public engagement techniques into your practice.

Transform your public engagement vision into action.