Focus Groups

A focus group is a form of qualitative research that is interactive in nature and that allows for exploration of the thoughts, feelings and perceptions from a selected group of people. Often conducted with other research methods as part of a needs assessment or market study, focus groups can also be a preferred method for gathering input when used alone.

Strategy Solutions conducts focus groups with:

  • Selected audiences; typically groups of 6-14 people who are recruited to participate based on specific criteria and generally done in “pairs” (two groups for each target audience).

  • Captive audiences; groups of any size who are already convened for a different purpose, but are willing to change their agenda and discuss the topic(s) of interest.

We also enhance the focus group experience by using the OptionFinder audience response polling system. The OptionFInder allows participants to anonymously “vote” on their preferences, rate and rank priorities and combine responses across multiple groups. By working with our experienced team, we can provide an in-depth understanding of your various audiences which can help you excel into the future of your organization.

Conduct stakeholder interviews for more in-depth research.