Culture Assessment

Organizational culture matters, because it touches everyone involved: employees, customers, and other stakeholder. While culture is sometimes difficult to define and describe, many people can say when it doesn’t “feel right.” Organizational culture is the set of beliefs that governs behavior. It is created by the standards of behavior that are valued by management and maintained at the supervisor level.

Strategy Solutions can help you assess the culture of your organization, using a highly customized approach that:

  • Defines the culture through core values and leadership expectations.

  • Identifies supportive and non-supportive behaviors related to core values.

  • Conducts a climate survey to assess the current culture.

  • Develops an action plan to address needs.

In the absence of a focused attempt to create culture, one will grow on its own and it may not be the one you want. The team at Strategy Solutions will customize a culture assessment process to meet your needs.

Build an organizational culture that correlates with your values.