Best Practice / Benchmarking Research

Many organizations benefit from benchmarking or comparing their processes to other organizations, especially ones that are considered to follow “best practices” within their industry and/or market segment. The specialized team at Strategy Solutions can assist clients to compare their processes and procedures to high performing organizations, both within their industry sector as well as with organizations from other sectors and/or industries.

Benchmarking research can help compare processes and procedures such as:

  • Identifying functions and processes that would benefit from reviewing/adopting best practices.

  • Identifying organizations to interview/learn from related to specific business practices.

  • Conduct interviews and/or establish networking contacts for organizations to learn from.

Nonprofit organizations are encouraged to complete the self-assessment using the Standards for Excellence in Nonprofit Ethics and Accountability®. We also provide training and technical assistance to nonprofit organizations interested in seeking Standards accreditation. Strategy Solutions will customize a best practice/benchmarking research process to meet your needs.

Measure the outcomes of your program or process.