Our Toolkit of Services

Called our “toolkit” of services, Strategy Solutions offers clients the option to “rent our entire staff” to act as their planning and research department. We can customize a work plan to meet your organization’s needs. For the price of less than half of one staff member, your organization can achieve benefits including:

  1. Operating at the “next level” of capacity quickly/ immediately without the time, expense and risk associated with hiring permanent staff who may not be the “right” staff or have the necessary skills to help the organization grow to the next level. Strategy Solutions can complete projects and/or facilitate initiatives (such as preparing for an accreditation process) if there is an immediate need to be met, without the cost and risk of permanent staff members.

  2. Implementing new projects and technical functions including creating effective board committees, program development, market development and business planning, outcomes/quality measurement and management, establishing a management development and/or training function, establishing management expectations ,“scaling” operations to grow the business, or a combination of projects. Strategy Solutions will quickly get these functions up and operational, “demonstrate” how they work and (more importantly) teach the CEO how to evaluate the technical competency of staff members who do the work, build as much of the work as possible into the job descriptions and expectations of existing staff (where appropriate) and assist the agency to transition the roles to permanent new staff if/when they are hired or take over the function.

  3. To ensure that the board and management team are aligned and working together to achieve strategic objectives. This includes developing the appropriate working relationships (among themselves and each other) to move the board from the adolescent to mature stage of the board life cycle and to build the capacity of the management team to appropriately support board work and “fast track” product and new initiative development.

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