Talent Management/Workforce Development

Talent Management is a set of integrated organizational processes designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive and engaged employees. The goal of talent management is to create a high-performance, sustainable organization that meets its strategic goals and objectives.

Strategy Solutions supports the talent management process by assisting with all or some of these critical elements:

  • Workforce Planning – identifying the numbers and types of staff including the knowledge, skills abilities required to support future goal achievement 

  • Recruiting/Selection – Determining and prioritizing the knowledge, skills and abilities required and developing competency based interview guides to support recruitment

  • Onboarding/Orientation– Identifying and documenting the process of acclimating new hires to ensure that they quickly feel welcomed, and valued by the organization, including developing orientation and training programs, if needed

  • Performance Management – Establishing or updating performance expectations and job descriptions based on strategic goals as well as establishing the process to evaluate performance at desired intervals

  • Executive Coaching – providing support for leaders to improve performance and enhance job satisfaction aimed at improving organizational performance

  • Leadership Development – identifying desired leadership behaviors and implementing company-specific curriculum and training programs 

  • Professional Development – assistance to identify appropriate professional development programs to meet leader needs 

  • Career Pathways – Identifying and communicating “upward mobility” opportunities; documenting the sequential steps in education, skills, and experience-building needed to attain specific career goals.

  • Recognition Programs – Developing methods to acknowledge, honor, encourage, and support individuals and teams

  • Compensation Studies – Collecting wage and benefit data to determine comparability of compensation to similar organizations

  • Succession Management – ensuring that succession plan milestones are achieved so that experienced and capable employees are prepared to assume roles as they become available 

  • Diversity/Inclusion - implementing diversity surveys and developing diversity and inclusion plans

Strategy Solutions can help support the development of your talent management system.

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