Strategic Restructuring

Size and scale matter. As organizations seek to ensure financial and operational sustainability, they often seek to collaborate with other organizations, form networks, alliances or other entities.

Strategy Solutions helps organizations develop appropriate policies to guide the partnership collaboration process and facilitates the Strategic Restructuring process using the LaPiana model (recognized as a nonprofit best practice):

  • Internal self-assessment – is restructuring an option?
  • Develop partner criteria – what are we looking for in a partner?
  • Partner selection – who do we want to partner with?
  • Collaboration committee – what is our vision of the collaboration?
  • Inter-organizational assessment – what do both organizations bring to the table and what are the concerns?
  • Options analysis – what is the best structure for us?
  • Due diligence – what will the new organization look like?
  • Implementation plan - who does what to get it done?

The professional facilitators at Strategy Solutions will customize an approach to support partnerships and/or collaboration for your organization.

The Standards for Excellence®: An Ethics and Accountability
Code for the Nonprofit Sector states:

“Nonprofits engaging in strategic partnerships and formal alliances with other organizations should do so within the context of a board-approved policy outlining the goals and parameters of such partnerships. Depending on the type of strategic partnership, nonprofits should ensure that proper due diligence has been followed and that agreements, memoranda of understanding, or similar documentation have been thoughtfully reviewed and considered.”

Strategic Restructuring Graphic - Strategy Solutions

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