Strategic Planning/Transformation

Strategic planning is the organization's process of defining its vision and direction, and making decisions to allocate its resources to pursue the various strategies that will achieve that visionWe can customize a strategic planning process to meet your needs.

Effective strategic planning asks and answers five key questions:

  1. Analyze: Where are we now?
  2. Envision: Where do we want to be?
  3. Transform: How will we get there?
  4. Implement: Who will do what?
  5. Evaluate: How are we doing?

Our planning process is unique because we:

  • Evaluate past planning activities to determine “stuck places” and immunity to change.

  • Engage stakeholders to craft and embrace the future vision.

  • Compare current performance to product, market and organizational lifecycle trends.

  • Develop consensus and commitment for goal achievement.

  • Go beyond simply outlining goals and objectives to identify the organizational and funding strategies to achieve them.

  • Assess the capability to implement the plan and provide capacity building support to ensure that the appropriate resources and systems are in place to ensure successful implementation.

  • Build a case for funding support for fundraising (nonprofit) or strategic investment (private sector).

  • Organize board committees to understand their role to support plan implementation.

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Achievement Center
Strategy Solutions helped the Achievement Center identify a vision for the future and develop a strategic plan.
The Children's Institute
Strategy Solutions helped The Children's Institute conduct a regional community health needs assessment and develop a strategic plan.