Population Health Management

Implementation of the Accountable Care Act, IRS regulations and payer experimentation with new financing models are forcing hospitals and health systems to move toward population health management strategies.

Strategy Solutions offers a portfolio of services to support this evolution including:

  • FREE Education programs/briefings regarding IRS CHNA regulations and emerging Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), Population Health Management Trends and post-acute network development
  • CHNA Facilitation and Project Management 
  • Implementation Strategy Development (including “Connecting the Dots” to business/ revenue generation and population health management strategies)
  • Staff Technical Training and Capacity Building (to conduct CHNAs and to develop innovative programs and services)
  • Outcome and Impact Measurement System Development Support (including “Connecting the Dots” to population health management strategies)
  • Annual/Tri-Annual CHNA Evaluation Process Management 
  • Community Benefit Practice Evaluation 
  • On-Line Interactive “Resource” Mapping 
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation to “Connect the Dots” between population health and business strategy 
  • Community “Collective Impact” Process Facilitation (encouraging other community partners to take leadership roles on social determinant CHNA priorities)
  • Post-acute network and/or “uplink” partner selection/collaboration 
  • Research, Program Development Facilitation and grant writing to support new/innovative initiatives

Strategy Solutions will help you develop your population health management strategy.

Population Health Management - Strategy Solutions

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