Culture Shift / Values Centered Culture

Does your organization effectively live its mission and care values? Organizational culture is sometimes difficult to describe, but it will be evident if the culture is not what is desired or if the culture is “toxic.” 

Using a highly customized culture shift approach, we:

  • Define the culture through core values and leadership expectations
  • Identify supportive and non-supportive behaviors related to core values
  • Conduct a climate survey to assess the current culture 
  • Develop an action plan to shift the culture
  • Restructure the organization (if necessary) to improve performance
  • Revise job descriptions to include leadership behaviors and expectations
  • Provide coaching support for leaders to achieve desired outcomes

Strategy Solutions can help you define and implement the desired culture in your organization, by defining the expectations to “live” your core values. Our team of professional facilitators will help you create your value-centered culture.

Shift your organizational culture, contact Strategy Solutions.