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Through any client engagement, especially those who are seeking organizational transformation, our process asks and answers five (5) questions:

Our Processes - Strategy Solutions

  1. Where are we now? ANALYZE - An effective analysis includes reviewing vision and mission; analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the context of your organization’s life cycle stage and capacity needs; comparing your current operations to best practices, determining if markets have a genuine need for new products and/or services; identifying current resources, emerging industry trends, debt capacity, industry, government and policy changes that will affect your organization and other top priorities to ensure sustainability.

  2. Where do we want to be? ENVISIONCrafting an effective vision includes articulating the elements of the “future state” of the organization and identifying exactly how the vision would be operationalized through future products, markets, size and growth guidelines, so that a concrete plan can be formulated to achieve the vision.

  3. How will we get there? TRANSFORM – Often absent from planning processes, the action planning phase identifies the human, capital and operating resources required to achieve
    the vision and defines organizational and funding strategies.

  4. Who will do what? IMPLEMENT – Role clarification, establishing performance expectations, new processes and working relationships are required for any transformation to occur. This often includes revising job descriptions to ensure appropriate accountability for results.

  5. How are we doing? EVALUATEIdentifying outcome and impact metrics along with periodic monitoring and evaluation of what’s working and not working is essential to success of any effort, to ensure activities stay on track and accomplish desired results.

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