Ensure an Effective Leadership Transition

Many educational institutions think that succession planning is simply about finding a replacement CEO when faced with a crisis or an eminent retirement.  Effective succession planning is actually an alignment of an organization’s ongoing staff development with its strategic vision. Proper positioning allows an organization to:

  • Pursue their mission and goals as effectively as possible
  • Ensure ongoing stability by developing leadership strength behind its executive and key managers
  • Create the possibility for successors for the ED
  • Offer the opportunity for top managers to emerge from the talent pool

Succession planning in educational institutions offers the opportunity to:

  • Develop and replace key leaders
  • Clarify key positions and the criteria required to fill them
  • Grow a talent pipeline for key positions
  • Accelerate leadership growth
  • Provide a value proposition to motivate and retain talent
  • Develop leadership success criteria and practices required to meet business strategies

Strategy Solutions’ succession planning process guides organizations to evaluate their current situation and identify the short and long term leadership needs. This includes looking at the organization’s life cycle stage and strategic plan to determine whether an emergency succession plan is in place. This succession plan should cover “who would do what” in the event a key leader could not fulfill their responsibilities. Additionally, it looks at the timing for leadership succession and determines the knowledge, skills and abilities required for new leaders in the future. It also outlines training and development needs as well as potential restructuring opportunities in the event that the CEO’s retirement will likely happen within five years.  Effective succession planning creates an action plan to ensure effective leadership succession.

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