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Penn-Northwest Development Corporation

Board Training & Development

For many years, the board of Penn-Northwest had over 50 members, with a smaller Executive Committee performing many of the board’s oversight functions.  After several failed attempts to restructure the board, Penn-Northwest retained Strategy Solutions to facilitate this transformational change.  An initial board performance evaluation revealed a desire to change.  Working with the leadership of their Governance Committee, input was gathered from all board members, education and dialogue sessions were conducted to vet concerns and discuss size and structural options.  Ultimately, the board approved the transition to a smaller (21) member board with committees designed to engage board members and support the agency’s strategic agenda of work.  

Strategy Solutions offers an invaluable service in assisting boards with the implementation of best governance practice. Whether engaging in goal setting, team building, or simply helping the board to understand its role and function, Strategy Solutions provides a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Randy Seitz
Penn-Northwest Development Corporation - Mercer, PA