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Strategy Solutions incorporated and started working on community projects.


Starting point to our work in:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Community Visioning
  • Community Comprehensive Planning
  • Community Infrastructure Planning
  • Economic Development
  • Services to the For Profit Sector/Manufacturing

We've completed several projects for Northwest Regional Planning and Development Commission including water and sewer infrastructure, tourism and economic development expansion as well as completed initial Corry Vision project and Erie Plastics Strategic Planning.


Starting point to our work in:

  • Health Care Strategy
  • Focus Group Facilitation
  • Consumer/Market Positioning Research

We began contracts with Hamot, Corry Hospital and Erie Plastics as well as completed market research study and marketing plan for Oil Heritage Region.


Starting point to our work in:

  • Community Health Needs Assessments
  • Long Term Care
  • Work with Collaborative Groups/Alliances

Strategy Solutions established the first office on West 8th Street in Erie, PA. We also completed the Cleveland Clinic Community Health Needs Assessment as well as facilitated board retreat/planning process for Health Care Ventures Alliance suporting long term care.


Starting point to our work in:

  • “Projects from Hell”
  • Project Management

We facilitated the Civic Coordinating Committee project (C-Cubed) as the mayor and county executive willing to step up and lead effort. We also completed the Erie County Early Care and Education Plan, initiating Success by 6 program for United Way.


Starting point to our work in:

  • Workforce Development
  • “Ideal Model” Development/ Gap Analysis

We started to work with Northwest and North Central PA WIBs to envision the start of industry partnerships and conducted needs assessments as well as gap analyses to understand employer training needs. We also initiated an economic development plan for C-Cubed, including “Ideal Model” and “Roles and Players” analysis.


Starting point to our work in:

  • Nonprofit Capital Campaign Business Planning 
  • Board Governance Training and Board Development 
  • Nonprofit Start Up/Capacity Building

We expanded our offices to West 6th Street office. We've also completed an initial training needs gap analysis for the Northwest PA Workforce Investment Board. Our CEO and President, Debra Thompson, was named one of the Best 50 Women in Business in Pennsylvania. Strategy Solutions organized and launched 'The Reason for Our Hope Foundation' to support Fr. Larry Richard’s international evangelization efforts. We explored merger/affiliations with Center for Nonprofit Services and decided to stay independent. Strategy Solutions started as Administrator of the Erie Community Fund Drives Committee.


Starting point to our work in:

  • Regional Expansion
  • “System” Redesign 
  • Program Evaluation
  • Economic Development Training
  • Leadership Training

Strategy Solutions did work on initial manufacturing industry partnership efforts with North Central and West Central Workforce Investment Boards for manufacturing and transportation. We expanded work in industry partnerships supporting electronics, plastics and building trades. We completed the GECAC Evenstart program evaluation and were recognized by PDE as best practice. Strategy Solutions started working for PA Partners (state workforce assn) and other WIBs, and developed innovative service models.


Starting point to our work in:

  • Prospect Generation/Product Market Development Services (“Get Sales” Product)
  • Public Involvement 
  • Municipal Collaborative Prioritization

Strategy Solutions completed the Erie County Capital Budget Prioritization. We also worked on the PA Mobility Plan with Gannett Fleming and 11 other firms (Public Outreach Component wins Civil Engineering Award). We developed and launched “get sales” (prospect generation/product market positioning study) product as well as presented innovative workforce service models at the Maryland Workforce Conference. We decided to take on Transportation Industry partnership.


Starting point to our work in:

  • Redefining strategic planning model 
  • Capacity Building Training
  • Land Conservation and Sustainability 
  • Land Use Planning and Engineering Studies 
  • Standards for Excellence in Nonprofit Ethics and Accountability®
  • Federal Grant Writing 
  • Corporate Discernment for Faith Based Organizations

Strategy Solutions decided to co-locate with Malin-Bergquist to explore opportunites for collaboration/consolidation. We successfully completed a strategic planning process for Allegheny Land Trust as well as redefined our own strategic planning model. We developed and received a $750K Compassion Capital Grant for a Youngstown, OH faith-based collaborative and implemented a capacity building training program. We developed a comprehensive strategic plan for Western PA Conference of the United Methodist Church. We facilitated public involvement for land use and transportation studies in collaboration with Gannett Fleming and Mackin Engineering.


Starting point to our work in:

  • Organizational development
  • Brownfield Reuse Planning
  • Comprehensive Social Service Community Needs Assessment

Strategy Solutions expanded industry partnerships to include metals, food processing and electronics. We acquired Kuntz Consulting to expand our organizational development and talent management support services.  We completed a comprehensive youth services needs assessment for Youngstown, OH. We applied the “get sales” product to Brownfield analysis (with Mackin Engineering).


Starting point to our work in:

  • Community Health Needs Assessment Evaluation
  • Developing Outcomes and Impact Measurement systems

Strategy SOlutions completed the Community Threads project for Forbes Fund in Pittsburgh. We develop CHNA evaluation processes, CHNA training methods
Presented ACHI (Association for Community Health Improvement) webinars with Joe McClellan, MD on CHNA and community impact.


Starting point to our work in:

  • Public Health Training 
  • Early InterventionAnalysis and Planning for Municipalities
  • OperationsReview/ Operations Redesign 
  • Integrating strategic and business planning

We provided capacity building training and support to Adirondak Health Network in order to complete first collaborative 6-county CHNA between hosptials and public health officials. We also completed 3 Rivers Wet Weather strategic / business plan as well as completed an early intervention analysis and plan for Borough of State College.


Starting point to our work in:

  • Succession Planning
  • Culture Shift/Management Effectiveness

We completed a strategic plan for the Hospital Council of Western PA. Jacqui Catrabone became a certified trainer for Crucial Conversations (for healthcare). “Entrepreneur” article by Erie Small Business Alliance Magazine was published about Strategy Solutions. We also initiated a competitive enterprise project for PennDOT District 1.


Starting point to our work in:

  • Federal Grant Program Administration 
  • Board Restructuring
  • Business Partner with Hospital Council of Western PA

We initiated the Hospital Council Executive Briefing series on the Community Health Needs Assessment. We also procured Social Innovation Grant funding for Great Lakes Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship program and became a project manager for the program implementation.


Starting point to our work in strategic restructuring / facilitating partner selection and mergers / affiliations. We completed a collaborative feasibility study for Christian Associates of Southwest PA and faciitated a strategic plan for Goodwill of Southwestern PA. We also achieved commendation from CARF International as best practice.


Starting point to our work in:

  • Integating capacity building training and coaching 
  • “Toolkit” Service Offerings

We facilitated a CHNA implementation strategy and impact measurement development program for West Georgia Health.


Starting point to our work in:

  • “toolkit” service offerings
  • Integration of culture and talent management with succession planning

We facilitated succession plan training and launched talent management processes for Southwest Key Programs as well as facilitated Standards for Excellence® accreditation readiness for The Sight Center of Western PA.


Starting point to our work in:

  • Population Health Planning
  • “Desk Manual” Development 
  • Mutual Insurance industry
  • Acreditation Readiness Project Management 
  • Affiliate “Mission/Core Values” Alignment Evaluation

We decided to move our Erie office to co-locate with WQLN and Nonprofit Partnership in order to increase collaboration and model resource sharing for small businesses. We also moved our Pittsburgh office to co-locate with Hospital Council of Western PA to promote collaboration as well. We completed a business plan for Women’s Health Program for Highlands Hospital and presented at the Association for Community Health Improvement Conference in Orlando, FL.

Our team faciltiated a strategic planning process for Fulton County Medical Center. We also developed desk manuals for key positions and facilitated a strategic plan for East TN Mutual Insurance Company. We completed a ministry assessment and evaluation for the Sisters of Saint Francis of Assisi. We also facilitated a CARF preparation process for the Achievement Center.



Founded in 1998, Strategy Solutions is dedicated to facilitating creative solutions to ensure the sustainability of public, private and nonprofit organizations and create healthy communities. Our unique approach blends analytical research capabilities, group process techniques, best practices and planning tools with energy, enthusiasm and total dedication to each client’s success, resulting in hundreds of remarkable outcomes.

Our projects and clients have been recognized as best practices by the PA, NY and OH Departments of Health, the Council on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), PA Departments of Education and Welfare, US Department of Health and Human Services, Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association, and the International Economic Development Council. Strategy Solutions is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise in Pennsylvania.

Strategy Solutions Serves:

  • Alliances, Associations, and other Collaboratives
  • Community and Faith-Based Nonprofits
  • Economic and Workforce Development Agencies
  • Education
  • Hospitals/Health Systems
  • Post-Acute Health Care/Behavioral Health
  • Government Agencies/Municipalities
  • Privately Held Companies or Public Corporations

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